imperator furiosa sculpt mad max


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this is a 12" sculpt of furiosa that i hope will eventually be a resin kit. i did the body in a mix of supersculpey and supersculpey firm. i baked that and now i'm adding details.
this will be a scratch built nightmare. the head will be sculpted in nsp chavant. she'll have her war rig steering wheel and the arm.
i'm working on the arm and hand now. tedious stuff.
i did the steering wheel 2 and a half times before i felt good about it

my kit is finally done!!IMG_0254.JPGIMG_0255.JPG
i had to redo molds on some parts. ultimately i purchased a pressure pot and vacuum chamber. makes all the difference when casting
IMG_0211.JPG i sculpted her head in chavant cm70 then made a latex mold. the mold star 30 is such a great silicone. latex sucks but at least you can make a mold from sulphery clay with it

And Painted.
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Very nice detail thus far, and the walking pose is great. Naturally, you're going to build a 1:6 scale War Rig next, right? :)


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the belts are cast in something called "bounce" mixed with cornstarch. they feel like those rubber fishing lures. mostly, the thin straps are paper covered in acrylic gel medium. styrene, really thin eva foam, milliput, aluminum make up the other details over all.

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jaganar , the belt can't really come off - it was sort of built on. i still have a mold for just the flaming buckle itself.
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