Immortan Joe's Mask, Mad Max: Fury Road


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hi all. we have a small workshop and make masks and other stuff
we waited for this movie since we were kids and could not miss chance to make something memorable
I have no photos of process,at that moment I didn't know about existence of this forum,but technology of a molding the standard.
if we try to repeat - I will surely take pictures
The mask is made of strong polyester pitch, fiber glass fabric. Hoses from the brand new Soviet gas masks, steel rivets, fasten belt system, it is painted manually with water resistant paints
I will be glad to yours comments . thank you for your attention

P.S also forgive me if my English isn't rather good 9tXJ_vyY5q0.jpg QgMl8fK6lwo.jpg VSelTT6fTIY.jpg yYhiC4qG8IE.jpg ZftrvDkgwg0.jpg ма.jpg


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I'd like to see one of these builds with the mask functioning like it does in the movie. At least, when it comes to mouth; you see it open a few times in the film.


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Beautiful! I am making the whole costume and this is inspirational!

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I don't know if we ever see the jaw moving on screen, it seems like it was always a cut to it open or closed? In any case, nice job! What did you use for the rivets/nails on the teeth?


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I'm also curious on the details of the few shots we saw with the mouth open. Anyone have any insight into that yet? Also OP do you have any plans to add voice modulation/amplification into the mask?


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hose connectors ,yes they are made handmade )

- - - Updated - - -

rivets is and there is the real metal rivets

- - - Updated - - -

animatronik quite expensive occupation (
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