IMJM's Whiplash Mark 2 pepakura 3d model [COMPLETED]


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Hello guys 3rd post here, its time someone had to make the Whiplash Mark 2 Armor, when i saw it in the movie it really caught my attention.


The amont of detail, heavy machinery and those electrifying wips:eek! Dam that was an amazing Armor, althogh back at that time, there weren't enough refrence pics for the suit.
Recently Hot toys just launched their whiplash mark2 1/6th scale figurine which had all the details and pretty much gave us an idea how that suit would look like in person.


Photo Jul 11, 20 35 35.jpg

Now lets talk about the suit suit :
Although the suit looks very complex with extreme amount of details, it would be practically impossible to make a pep model out of it.
The design of the armour includes a lot of flat facets and also shares symmetry giving an advantage while modelling. in addition there are'nt much of curves or round corners.
The entire suit is also covered with external armor which seems to be welded on top. In the movie vanko uses one of the drones as a base model for its prototype. therefore the mark 2 armor is infact a modified Hammer drone.

Now for Pepakura,
I will only release foam files as it would be very much easy to make also would be lighter to wear, were as paper is concerned i dont mind giving a paper unfold but il leave that to you. So far i am finished with the base legs and the helmet. Ive tried my best in keeping the polygon counts to as low as possible while mainting proportions and the likeness to the movie armor.

So far i have reached in the modelling process-

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Re: IMJM's Whiplash Mark 2 pepakura 3d model [WIP]

YES! I really like your model, well done! I have reference pics, if you need, and a 3d model of a hammer drone. Hope it can helps. Oh, if you need help for unfolding, i'm here :).


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Re: IMJM's Whiplash Mark 2 pepakura 3d model [WIP]

Update one legs. COMPLETE!:)

Added the thigh flaps,and joint mechanism.
leg complete three pepakura.jpg
leg complete three.jpg
leg complete.jpg

Rotatable Flaps -Front and back
leg flap shotpng.jpg

Knee shutters and working actuator or hydraulic pistons.
leg piston.jpg
leg shutters.jpg

I think it will be a challenge while pepping. :cool


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Re: IMJM's Whiplash Mark 2 pepakura 3d model [WIP]

It's looking really good. Interesting to see an armour I've not seen so much of. Don't remember much from that film. Might need to rewatch it soon now.

Looking forward to seeing more.


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Re: IMJM's Whiplash Mark 2 pepakura 3d model [WIP]

thanks guy, you're models are impressive!!!!!!!!
will you release the full suit pepakura foam files?

thanks a lot!!!!!!!!

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Re: IMJM's Whiplash Mark 2 pepakura 3d model [WIP]

PM inbound. In the meantime, all the additional reference I have handy...

The HotToys figure:

















And a couple of screen-grabs:



I don't know how much reference you already have, but I hope these are of use.



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Re: IMJM's Whiplash Mark 2 pepakura 3d model [WIP]

Holy cow,that looks awesome (and mean :devil).Looking forward to the end result for the foam build !
And yes Ikras,you should watch Iron Man II again :D (personally,of all suits I prefer the Iron Man MKV).

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Re: IMJM's Whiplash Mark 2 pepakura 3d model [WIP]

^ I've liked many of them. Particularly in light of Tony's tinkering between Avengers and IM3 there are so many... >_< I have a particular fondness for the Mark X/IX (same physicality, different paint -- like the paint job on the IX better) and new Mark XLVI. My "favorite" doesn't really exist -- Mark III with the triangular Mark VI chest RT.

As I PM'ed the OP, I can handle production (3D printing or pepakura), but have neither resources nor skill presently to do the 3D modeling. So I'm stuck waiting for others to create and make available the files I'd need to make this and the three I mentioned above. :unsure

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