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Discussion in 'Site Support & News' started by Onkelpsycho, Nov 27, 2011.

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    Is it possible, to link images directly, if I click on the image symbol?!?

    In other boards its like this: I copy and paste the imagelinks (from imageshack for example) in my post, then I mark every link, click on the image symbol and automatically I have the link between these [ IMG ][ /IMG ].

    Here a new window pops up and I have to cut out he link, copy it into the window, then click ok, and I have the IMG Link in my post...

    Possible to change this?

    Or does it work like this somehow and I haven't found the fuction yet?!?
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    When you have the link of the image in the clipboard, you can of course just type the html tags and then insert your link, omitting a step. I don´t think there´s a more immediate way of putting an image into your posts.

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