Images of ISD, nebulon B movie props


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Hi Therepf!

Long time Lurker here, thought i'd register because i've ended up at a crossroads. I'm looking for images of the props used in the star wars original trilogy. More specifically the Nebulon-b and the star destroyer (both MKI and MKII). I know there are images of them in the japanese:

"Star Wars Chronicles Episode IV, V AND VI - Vehicles"​

But they are nigh near impossible to find... (checked everywhere)

Are there any other books that has the same images of the ISD's and nebulon B props used in the movie?, if so which book?

Thank you and i hope you can help me! :)


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Sorry for the bump, Yes i have.

I'm making it for a game so i can't have studio detail level.

Which modelkit is the most accurate to the Avenger/MKII used in the movies?

The 1/5000 bandai

1/2700 revell?

Thanks! :)


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The 1977 and 1980 Star Destroyers are very different. Even though the bigger one was scaled up from the smaller one, it actually has different proportions and shapes. There are no accurate model kits of the 1977 version, but the Bandai 1/5000 looks to be very accurate for the 1980 version, at least to my eye.

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