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Sorry guys, I am new here so if this is a bothersome question I do apologize. Let me start by saying that I am amazed at the work I am seeing here and it has inspired me to try some of this myself. I have tried to read all the noob forums that I could but still not sure about a couple things.
I am using the IM Robo files for the Mk 4 and 6 armor (amazing by the way, thanks). My question is on the scaling. I see Robo's is set to 25.411754.
I am 6'4", 215 lbs. Not sure if i calculated the correct scale or not and don't want to print a lot till I am sure (so my wife doesn't kill me). Can anyone please tell me what I should enter into my scale to print?

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scaling is a bit of trial and error, sometimes you just have to build the part, if it does not fit scale it up and rebuild, also work on one part at a time, you dont want to print out a bunch of pieces and find out the scale is wrong, as well some parts may fit at a certain scale but others need to be scaled up or down, as i found that the arms and legs fit at stock scale but abs/cod chest and back needed to be scaled up a bit on my build
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