im no scott marshall


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Looks pretty damn good Dude! Very impressive. You are well on your way to nailing it! Just give the sculpt its due time, Do not rush it. That is a big mistake people make, they get all excited and rush what should be a slow process.

Do yourself a favor tho and don't compare yourself to anyone else.


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meangene summed it up great! Your P1 is coming along great, I really like how aggressive it looks with the eyebrows and the overall shape is exact. I have to agree with gene again, try not to compare yourself to another. We all sculpt differently. It's hard not to compare. Doing my Falconer bio, I compared myself to hez and biohunter. In the end, a few members said the same thing....everyone is at a different experience level and sculpt our own ways. Actually, it adds a personal flair to the sculpt too.

Good Luck!


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why copy anybody else? Scott's great at what he does and you're evidently rockin it your own style. Looks great, sir!

thicky ricardo

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Thanks for all the compliments guys, I appreciate, just giving mad props to Scott that's all , but I should have some updates here soon enough

thicky ricardo

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sorry i didnt get any updated pics with all the detail before i molded it,but my latex pulls should be the same quality so when i pull some ill take some pics,thanks for lookin

thicky ricardo

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hello heres one of the first pulls alittle damage on the lip area,and im testing different color scemes in the other pics, not quit happy with this particular paint up but thats why it was a tester,lol ,im gonna cast a few more and find which paint i like better


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right on thickey,......lookin pretty bad-ass if ya ask me,.....
makes me wanna go back to mine and work on this and that,.....

awesome paint up too man,.....glad to see ya took the time to focus on each dot ........
every so often i see a rushed one ,....

keep it up man,....
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