I'm new and would like some help, please.

Darth Pygmi

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Hello all,

I am new to the whole costume making and building, I have recently acquired some gauntlets that a friend 3D printed for me, aswell as blades, I can make the wrist blades interchangeable but it is the mechanism that I would like to make, also the other gauntlet with the countdown timer, I really could do with a circuit diagram as I would like to try to build it all myself, getting the parts shouldn't be hard and I have access to the right tools.

So my main two questions at the moment are.............

1) what wrist blade mechanisms do you have?

2) Can anyone send me a circuit diagram they used for their wrist gauntlet?

All feedback is appreciated thank you.



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At this point all the bomb Gauntlet designs are one offs. Paletta sells a finished unit. There are some others that sold kits. And others that sell static units.

Blade Gauntlets are mostly one offs as well. You can buy finished static units. The moveable ones are mostly one offs individuals have done. The best design I have seen for the gauntlet is an external switch blade design.

I have plans in the pipeline for a DIY kit but I am a ways away from getting to that point. I am trying to focus on my backpack design to get it a little more movie accurate and redo the hardware and code pieces on it first.

If your intention is to buy I suggest going to the PX section and posting what you want to buy. If you want to build follow some of the forum threads around and see if something suits your fancy.


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hello . if you want make easy blade system see this video in you tube"
Cómo hacer una hoja de depredador de papel para Halloween"
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