I'm New And Have Questions For A Pred Suit


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Hello everyone.

I just started this account and I can't wait to get started on creating a Predator suit.
I have a few starting questions. one whats a good place to buy the arts and crafting you guys use to make your body suits? and if its not to much to ask. is there anyone who takes requests on making bio masks? (or armor pieces. or the mask of the head its self) I'm not very smart. and I am uncertain if I can make a good Predator costume. I hope I don't sound like a spammer. anyways thanks in advance!

oh and I thought this link would be exciting

enjoy hunters :)


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mostermakers.com is good place for supplies. If you look in the marketplace you can see a list of who makes what on the lair. Use the search engine and do some digging. If you look hard, you can find what you are looking for 90% of the time.


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thank you very much Hannay. I have looked at a few topics like with the MR. incredible suit making topic. but like I said I'm not really the smartest person but I try my best. so thats why I asked. and I just remembered also I have somewhat of a arts and crafts store in my town, but I just have not seen it much.


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Well, you don't have to be the smartest on the block but determination does help. The skills come with practice. Try not to be so negative about not being the smartest.

As far as who makes what... there is a "who makes what" thread. Take some time and read all of the pinned topics in each of the sections. This will save you some grief and hopefully open up your possibilities.

There are a lot of people with varying degrees of experience that all bring something different to the table.

BTW, Would you fill in your location? This is a global forum and we don't even know what country you're in. That makes a big difference in recommending suppliers.



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Thanks, I changed my location XD I thought it was funny but your right it makes it easier, and your right I should not dis myself lol but I'm a rather strange person i guess. anyways I appreciate your advice guys :)
the best thing i can tell you is read every single pinned topic in each sub-forum. look at pictures and figure out what you like and want. then read other memebers builds. also i am in milwaukee and have a few different things you can look at in person to give you a better idea of what you want to get, everyone on here is super helpful and extremley talented, good luck and shoot me a pm if you want to come check some stuff out.


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If you thinking of doing the MR I suit macguyver the dude who made the huntorial is also from Madison so he could answer any and all ?'s regarding it.