I'm making my first costume and its Barry Allen Flash

Sanjo Eve

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I'm making my first solo costume and I've decided on The Flash(Barry Allen), this is also my first "hero" costume and i would greatly appreciate any advice i could get on making this costume.
did you think of useing wet look fabric.Wet Look Vinyl :: Vinyl Fabrics :: Fabric By Content :: Vogue Fabrics - America's Premier Fashion Fabric Store also if you look on my page i show how i made superman boots out of running shoes. you would have to make the designe that you like for yourself and spray the boots with yellow plastic dip you can get for $7 a can at lowe's. For the red tights use nikey Under Armour Bolt Compression /top and bottom you just have to sew them together and hide the sem under the yellow stripe. use the Under Armour top and bottom as a pattern for your fabric.try them on befor you take them apart to make sure you have the right fit. Remenber you have to add a zipper in the back.well i hope tha helps sorry i have not made a costume with a hood yet and you still need the clove.
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YES! I have already set up the details for my first costume, and it's going to be Reverse Flash, Allen's arch enemy. Good luck on your build, looking forward to seeing it.
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