I'm looking for TCW armor pack (backpack).... And possibly a WIP


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Hi guys, been on here for some time just stealthily crushing and admiring the work, and for the last couple of weeks I've been thinking to myself that I want to make a TCW trooper pack, like the backpack style one. I recently decided to go back to school and I want to make it to carry around my few books and a small computer. (Yes I am aware it will be heavier than just a nylon backpack) but I want something that won't tear easily as my current new backpack just did. I've been recently trying to find a thread that has a list of such files, but was unsuccessful late last night. I did however see that fierfek* (not sure if its spelled right) had made one, and I did PM him. But haven't heard back yet. And I was just wondering if there was a file floating around I might be able grab. Anyway thanks for any help that you could offer.

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He'll get back to you, no worries. He's pretty reliable. If he doesn't answer right away, he's just busy. A word of warning about that pack -- it's not the most spacious. *heh* What sort of construction were you planning to use for it? Sturdiness is something you're going to have to consider.



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Well the end goal is to purchase some sort of decent replacement backpack or molle straps and use it as a backpack for school. My current one I have had for a little over a year and had little to no use has already started to rip and tear in a few locations and I'm not quite into the second week of school. (Mainly thread is breaking) but i do plan on doing several layers of fiberglass to make this as solid as possible with out the expense of weight. Hopefully*


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To get a sturdier finished product I would say go with wood and then a padded back plate. Maybe a lighter/thinner plywood to keep down on weight.
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