I'm a Bro and I Sew... Who else is with me?


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I have been looking for someone interested in sewing a production run I have in mind. This is on the military side. PM me if you want to help a non sewer.

division 6

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I've made all my pandemic masks.
4 SW themed.

My mom passed as well a few years ago, I now have her other machine and baby lock.
Unfortunately my sister in law grabbed the serger before I could get it.


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Totally forgot to post my finished product here -- Bat cape out of pleather (ingnore my massive gut):


Overall, pretty happy with the results.
Just took a sewing class at my local maker space. Made a small zippered bag. Came out pretty ok. Want to make a kenobi costume and really wanted to build as much of it as I can by myself. Also want to make some nerdy Hawaiian shirts. Still got a ways to go and trolling facebook marketplace/craigslist for a decent-priced machine.

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