I'm a Bro and I Sew... Who else is with me?


I'm a bro that's learning to sew. My mom was an art teacher and basically an expert seamstress (does wedding dresses and such). I did pick up a bit along the way.



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One day I will learn the ways of the sewing machine,as well as the needle & thread; even if it is the last thing I learn about cosplay/costuming :ninja
But for now,I will focus on Pepakura


(Raises Hand).

Having only ever used a sewing machine about 5 times before when my mum used to make Halloween costumes for me when i was little and i helped.

For my first ever full cosplay i have gone all out, pattern, bolts of cloth and just trying stuff as i go.

Nothing like a pressure deadline to lean things fast!

Lot of pride when you turn cloth into a wearable garment :)


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I got into sewing to help with making my reenactment costumes. For the most part I use a sewing machine, but these days I'm doing more and more hand sewing of various projects. As my interests in various periods have changed it's forced me to learn more and more tailoring techniques, which I'm hoping will assist me in future cos-play projects I'd like to have a go at.

Here's a few examples of my work. Unfortunately none of these are recreations of existing pieces or anything but they should give an idea as to where I'm at.

150307_457769124706_7475911_n.jpg 150259_457769034706_1662770_n.jpg IMG_0539.JPG IMG_0556.JPG My Kit 1.jpg 20150503_124940.jpeg



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I know this might not be the correct thread but I'm looking for an Iron Fist print pattern so I can sew it myself but have had no luck at all. Anybody know where I could find one?


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I just finished Shay's coat from Assassin's Creed Rogue:
assassin_s_creed_rogue_shay_cormac_coat_all_round_by_timeywimey_007-d942wmr.jpg assassin_s_creed_rogue_shay_patrick_cormac_coat_by_timeywimey_007-d942yqu.jpg shay_cormac_coat_shoulder_collar_details_by_timeywimey_007-d943470.jpg shay_cormac_coat_tag_by_timeywimey_007-d943580.jpg shay_cormac_coat_sleeve_cuff_button_pocket_details_by_timeywimey_007-d94363d.jpg
This was definitely the most complicated thing I've sewn yet, with 63 buttons and an obscene amount of trim and fancy buttonholes. It's not perfect, but I really like how it looks overall, minus a few details.


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I'm a bro that can sew.
I'm 16 and have been doing various stuff similar to sewing for almost a decade(thanks, grandma!).
I haven't done much sewing it the way of cosplay, but I've helped out on quilts and have made pouches to hold survival gear. I made a pouch to hold an MRE and some knee pads when I'm out picking berries during the summer.
I'm about to start an Assassin costume, so I will be making a hood.

BUT, I've only had success with one machine, and I don't have regular access to it. The last few machines I've had access to all hated me.
So, hand sewing is pretty much all I do.


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Well, the 11th Hussar is finally finished. Yards and yards of 1/8 inch hand sewn tracing braid and 90 buttons.:wacko Just in time for last month's trip to Canada for High Tea at the Empress Hotel for a friends birthday weekend, all of us in Victorian clothes of course. Although, technically the uniform is really only 80% done. I still have to make the outer jacket or Pelisse. It's basically the same jacket but larger to wear over the current jacket for winter weather with fur trim. I think that one will wait a bit while I check my to do list and start something else. I think my classic Battle Star Galactica uniform may get moved to the top of the list finally. I've had the BSG jacket since my first convention in 1978, it's time to complete the set.:D


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Im a Bro and I know how to sew A little bit but enough I repaired rips and whole in my Spider-Man cosplay and am trying to learn how t sew my own does anyone here know how to sew Spider-Man prints.


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Another Bro who sews. A really old Bro'ham, I now get the Senior discount at Goodwill on Tuesdays (30%). Originally wanted to be a doctor, but I found studying all night for a biochemistry final was not as much fun as designing, patterning, and cutting and sewing a garment over night. So, 40 years later, I'm still pattern making, designing, and cutting and sewing. I live and work out of my home/studio where I have a room full of industrial and home sewing machines, and a man-sized table for cutting and pattern making. I am a free-lance clothing designer and I can pattern, cut, and sew just about anything, but nothing beats making costumes! My favorites are Star Trek costumes. One Halloween 15 years ago, I made myself a Voyager jumpsuit, a Seven-of-Nine silver catsuit for the girlfriend, an Admiral's tunic for little brother (all 6', 220 lbs.), and a Deanna Troi dress for his wife. That was before costume fora and Roddenberry patterns, so those pattern making skills were put to good use. Lately I have been making costumes for a local mascot company where he hands me a cartoon rendering and I have to build it from scratch. I've made lots of superhero unitards and capes, as well as strange furry animals with zippers in the back. As I write this, I'm trying to design a muscle suit based on the Flexdesign suit Brandon first described in this forum years ago, and now is the state of the art! So all you younger Sew Bros, get yourself a vintage metal sewing machine with zigzag (I like Pfaffs), and get to work!


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I'm a sewer and proud of it. I made my first spiderman cossie some 17 years ago and an 89 batsuit with one of these little bad boys...



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It produced a chain stitch (loops secured buy the next lopp going through it). Once you had done your run you needed to stitch the end over or the whole run would unravel. Still got the suit however im not the man I used to be and I cant quite squeaze into it at present. But im working in it.

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