IJ Fate of Atlantis Original Prop Medallion?


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Probably a very long shot but who knows, this forum has found some incredible things before..

So as probably a bunch of you, I was a big fan of Fate of Atlantis when I was a kid and always wanted a replica of the medallion. I've since purchased a couple of really good ones but I also realized recently there was a physical medallion made especially for the game, and it appears on the back of the game box. I dug into the credits and there is one specific line for the maker of the medallion and his name is Milton Williams.

I figured it would be really cool to find out more about it and who still owns this thing - chances are it's either lost or buried somewhere in the Lucasfilm archives, but I was hoping to find out who this Milton Williams was. He's probably retired by now, but a basic Google search didn't turn up anything - I then reached out to the game producer, super nice guy, but wasn't able to help because he wasn't involved with the marketing of the game.. I have a few more options to explore but figured I would ask here - who knows maybe someone's already done the research or has some info etc.. so here you go folks, anybody know anything about this or any suggestions/ contacts that might be able to help?

Regardless of the outcome I'm loving the process!



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