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If you like original Gremlins props...

Discussion in 'Production Made Costumes and Props' started by TomSpinaDesigns, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. TomSpinaDesigns

    TomSpinaDesigns Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    Hey gang,

    If you happen to like original Gremlins (and who among us doesn't? ;) ), you may want to check out our page on Facebook, where we've been posting up some exclusive pics of a project repairing an original 1984 Gremlin puppet.

    Tom Spina Designs | Facebook

    Please be sure to click the LIKE button if you want to receive updates and behind the scenes pics of our work in your newsfeed.

    We also just updated our site with a new Gremlins 2 restoration as well (yes, Mike's table at the studio has had a LOT of Gremlins on it lately!)


    Thanks for looking and I hope you enjoy the pics!

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  2. Apollo

    Apollo Legendary Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    :eek Talk about losing ones head! :eek
  3. TomSpinaDesigns

    TomSpinaDesigns Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    LOL I guess someone had to say it :)

    Here's a peek at the part 1 Gremlin we've also been "re-heading" :)

  4. Jedifyfe

    Jedifyfe Master Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    I hate you Tom...for having such great skills!

    But I love you...for restoring these iconic pieces of our childhood film history!
  5. Dutchman

    Dutchman Well-Known Member

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    Thank you for sharing, amazing work! Love the Chris Walas stuff, :thumbsup
  6. mbaileyh

    mbaileyh New Member

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    Looks like you're making real progress! What an excellent find!
  7. TeddyKGB

    TeddyKGB New Member

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  8. VinceRaptor

    VinceRaptor Member

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    Wow. Amazing work so far. I loved this character. The grimlins were always a great bunch of puppets and even Mohawk was just epic. I forget which one though had the 12 eyed monster..
  9. Search4

    Search4 Active Member

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    Amazing. As always.
  10. mikenelson1982

    mikenelson1982 New Member

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    wow amazing that all i can say
  11. Janderson0719

    Janderson0719 New Member

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    Gizmo, CACA!

    Amazing work.

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