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Hi guys!

I'm completely new to this forum and I just introduced myself here http://www.thehunter.../page__st__2975!

Since I'm not very good at building stuff myself (at all I'm afraid...) I would like to know how much an entire, finished suit would cost me? More or less!

Cheers and happy hunting!
That depends on your budget.... and how much time / money that you want to throw at it. Actually its contradictory, even a budget suit can hurt your wallet if you go far enough.... all depends on you bud
welcome to the lair!!! as double h said it depends in how much money you want to spend

have a look here

Thanks guys!

Well, the Jango Fett-suit I'm building is even more expensive, so on that point I'm cool.
I'll just work an extra shift ;)

Yea I've though of it but figured since I'm 190 cm and weigh 96 kg (atleast mostly muscles...) it should turn out rather nice!

Thank you for your help guys!
Assuming you want a completely assembled and painted suit so you can just get it and wear it, it could cost up to 3 grand, maybe more depending on who paints it, who made the parts etc. If you had all the essentially and skills to paint it and assemble it yourself, you could dramatically cut the cost. You could look at only 1500 bucks or maybe less. The specific price depends on you and what you are looking for.
-This should help with rough prices :http://www.thehunterslair.com/topic/14054-so-you-want-to-makebuy-a-predator-suit-read-this/
-This will tell you who makes what so you know who you may want to contact:

I wish I could do all that and save the money...
But I'm really WORTHLESS at painting and assembling parts :/
So unless I any divine powers decide to help me it would take me yeeeeears to learn everything...
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