If George Lucas knew about this site.....

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I'm sure the lawyers know about it, for possible copyright violations.

If he didn't do all the stuff he does, would we be talking about Star Wars? Who talks about CE3K?

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I think deep down he does care, which is why we are seeing him get touchy lateley with the fans. But George has always played by his own rules and done what he wants regardless of what others say or do and that will never change.
I however believe that George is not the creative genius people have painted him to be. The OT was a fluke thanks to him not having everything he needed - and people around him that challenged him on stupid ideas.
The same was not apparent in the PT.

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I dunno. I think he's a creative genius AND I think that the OT was the product of collaboration.

As I've said before, I think George is an "idea man." Out of 10 ideas:

- 5 will be abject crap.
- 3 will be pretty good and, with some massaging, can be phenomenal.
- 2 will be pure unadulterated genius.

The OT had very little of the first five, and far more of the latter half there. The PT was the whole range. The trouble is, when you get those 5 awful ideas, they obscure the rest.

I mean, the PT DOES have some cool aspects to it. The lightsabre duels were awesome. I think the notion of making the PT a bit more "political" could have been a lot better if it had been better developed. The fall of a good man to evil is a compelling story. And the action sequences in general were fairly cool. But so much of it just gets blotted out by wacky production design, stilted dialogue, awful "political intrigue," and Jar Jar.

Basically, when Lucas is on, he's almost impossible to beat. But when he's off...boy is he ever off. And nowadays, I think he's off a LOT of the time, and in some pretty high-profile ways.

I also think he's stubborn and doesn't want to take any crap from you, even as he's also genuinely disappointed that you don't dig his stuff as much as he does and thinks it's unfair that you call him names just because he messed with your favorite movies.

So, in a weird way, I think he has, at once, a thin skin and a thick skin. Thin in terms of initially being irked at the insults and criticisms, but thick enough that he says "Well, too f'n bad. They're MY movies, so y'all can just go jump in a lake."


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:lol I guess he forgave me for what I did from my last visit at the Ranch! :lol

He PMs me here all the time. He thinks you're pretty cool, apollo. ManFromNaboo?...not so much. He thinks you come down on me too hard for being sarcastic.

The Wook


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I know he has visited the site. I am 99% sure he does not frequent it.
Everybody has their strengths. I think George Lucas's strengths lie in negotiations and marketing and the ability to administer through a strong management team around himself. The top CEO's tend to be good in management an extremely strong in picking the successful people working around them. I think he also excels in the talent for directing and film making. Having the multiple skills will take you a long way and he has certainly shown the ability to do so.

I certainly admire hi and his accomplishments, he has had an incredible life.

Mr Webber

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I love George too. Gave me a great gift in my childhood that i occasionally revisit from time to time always with the same affection. Just wanted to see how many people made the jump from title to reply box.

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Well, it would be hard to believe that this site isn't well known. Searching for prop or costume info on Google brings up this site quite often. This site is no longer the obscure hidden secret with the occasional new member window that it used to be.

I think a lot of people forget that celebrities are people too. They do a lot of the same things everyone else does at night and that means sitting at a computer, surfing the net.

The other thing a lot of people don't realize is that posts are not private on message boards. They're there for the whole world to read and can last a very long time. We're not sitting in the back of a pub having a private conversation amongst ourselves; everyone can read what you're writing.

When it comes to this board and many others like it, we should be thankful that GL has given the leeway that he has. If this site had started with Disney props in mind, it wouldn't have lasted a month.

When it comes to the Lucas bashing, this site is really no different than a thousand other sites... so whether he's visited this site or not, all he has to do is turn on his computer to see what so many people are saying. A lot of celebrities have gone to the net and seen venomous hatred spewed about them. What they end up having to realize is that people use the anonymity of the internet to insult anyone in sometimes very personal attacks to make themselves feel better. They also have to realize that certain groups are just more vocal than others. Given the amount of the money that Star Wars continues to pull in, there must be a large group of people that still like it.

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