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If a screen used prop is heavily repaired is it still screen used?


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This opens up another question: If every 7-10 years all cells of your body are replaced, does that mean that after 10 years, I need a new account/username at :)


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Hi everyone,

This isn't a prop related question per se, but it is movie memorabilia and keeping it's originality.

I've got some signed photos that were done by actors with either a permanent marker or sharpie pen. They're about circa 6 years old so they're not exactly antiques nor super expensive, but they are original. The ink is a bit thin on some aspects of the signature/message, whether this is because the angle of the pen tip or because of the nature of the gloss photo paper I'm not sure. I've kept the photos in acid free plastic wallets, and used silica gel to help keep moisture levels down as I'm pretty sure it affects photos.

I have two questions:

1) I've been using silica gel sachets but could using them too much actually do more harm than good, i.e. could it damage/fade the ink on the signature?

2) Would you keep them as they are or go over them with a pen? MY OCD is playing up and I'm soooo tempted to do the latter (But at same time I'm a sucker for originality! :eek: )



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It seems to me that tracing over the original signature would ruin the resale value. I hear that signature collectors are picky that way, kind of the same way coin collectors are with polished coins - destroys the value.

If you never plan to sell, then it's up to you if it bothers you more to watch the original fade or see your pen marks over the original signature.

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