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So glad I found these forums! I'm not completing my own cosplay outfit with the help of some of our members :)

Anyway, I need a little advice. On the bank holiday weekend of May (23rd) there is a Comic Con in London, and I'm going as Cap, my son is Spidey, my friend is Deathstroke, but my girlfriend... well... she can't decide! I keep hinting Black Widow to her, but she isn't overly keen.

Anyone want to make a suggestion for her? Or nudge us in the right direction? Attached is a photo for reference. I hope someone can inspire her! :D



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With that hair she could definitely be Spidey's girlfriend, Mary Jane. It wouldn't be too difficult to put together which might convince her.
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Yes Mary Jane is a no brainer with a spiderman already in the group.

Other red-heads:
-Jean Gray
-Poison Ivy
-Fairchild from Gen13

If none of those float her boat, finding out what she doesn't like about black widow could help. Is it the expectation that she wear a skin tight cat-suit all day? Is it that she just thinks black widow is played out and everyone does her now? Is it a general lack of enthusiasm for dressing up? Speaking from experience, When our less-obsessed significant others are not as excited for a project, the willingness to go the extra mile is non-existent. If they aren't excited you can cross pretty much anything elaborate off the list.

If it is the outfit, you may be in trouble! Not a lot of conservative females in comic book land. Maybe Jubilee or an understated vintage style Super Girl costume. They can be classy.

If it's the arguable 'over-done' Black widow character, there are some not-quite as 'current' but still great options like Psylocke, Rogue, Electra, Scarlet Witch, Cat Woman.

If its laziness (no offense intended, just saying it is a real problem sometimes. Not all women dig dressing up) then go with something simple like She-Hulk. Sure she has to get paint, but she could just rip up some of her existing older clothes and be comfortable in something she already has.


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I knew you guys would come up with great ideas!

Sundowner - I can't believe I missed the MJ link! And I call myself a fanboy?! I'm running it past her right now.

Bigbisont - thanks for all the ideas. I have plenty to play with. And she isn't worried about dressing up, as she's actually a model and is away on a shoot right now! She's fully embraced the geek-side of life, but she's slightly pedantic, and says the reason she didn't want to go as Black Widow is because BW is ginger and she's 'red'! *sigh* Although she has mentioned going as Super-Girl. Go figure.

I still think Black Widow is the best option, but it's her call. I'll be sure to let you guys know what comes of it all :)

Thank you again!


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If she's not tied to doing a Marvel character, Batgirl comes to mind. Or the newer version of Harley Quinn with the 2-toned hair.


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Plus she can ignore haircolor, really. I've seen blonde Mara Jades and brunette Black Widows, for example. She doesn't have to just stick to redheaded characters, though with the awesome shade of red her hair is, she probably wants to show it off. I know I did when mine has been that color, though I usually stick to pinks and lilacs since I spent most of my life trying to get RID of the red in my hair. :)

For the comic con here in May my sister, nephew and best friend are all going as Viking version of DC characters. I'm Viking Batgirl, my best friend is Viking Supergirl, my sister is Viking Poison Ivy and my nephew hasn't decided yet though he has a week left before I need to start his weapons and he has to decide. He's currently leaning toward Viking Aquaman last I heard, because he likes the scale design armor I sketched out for it.

The reason I mention this is because she can do alternate versions of characters that haven't been done or aren't overly done like the base characters tend to be, too. The new 52 Batgirl has a more realistic sort of costume that might interest her, too.

If she really doesn't want to dress up, she could always just wear a Captain America t-shirt and say she's dressed as your biggest fan.
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