Ideas for Blade Runner pistol storage box?


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I was thinking of doing something a bit complicated....taking a tool storage box, gutting it, making a foam insert, etc. Then I thought "where else might a Blade Runner store their pistol?" You've probably seen someone in a movie or even in real life store a gun in a SHOE BOX! So, my thought, an old retired Blade Runner stored his gun in an old box and put it up high in his closet...maybe he didn't want to see it again.

So my question to you all: what sort of box might one find in the Blade Runner universe, a common old box from an item, that could be used to store a pistol? I guess I could come up with some sort of futuristic shoe brand...but no one would actually be able to tell it's supposed to be from the future, unless it had a glaring "MADE IN 2049!" or some other overly obvious marker. Is there a better idea that I'm not thinking of? What say you?


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I arguably built the very first box for a Blade Runner Blaster back in 2008 or so. This is a post I made back then regarding my take on the subject.

Something that has always irritated me is the fact that the Worldcon blaster is often delivered in a cheap-ass box (...the cardboard packing and cellophane the Tomenosuke gun is delivered in). Personally, I like the idea that the BR PKD is actually the very best (albeit unauthorised) firearm a rogue Bladerunner is likely to carry. Think of Dirty Harry's S&W .44 Model 29....

Since Bladerunner is actually a 'retro-modern' styled work of film fantasy, why can't Deckard's blaster have been issued in a traditional wooden box - surely the mark of a top-quality sidearm?

With my Worldcon blaster finished as the old rusted, neglected version, I worked on the fact that the gun box, money, ID tags and all the other accoutrements Deckard might have stored with his firearm should all be well used and forgotten





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When I think of the type of “repurposed” boxes people use to store their objects I think there are some common elements. The boxes themselves regardless of their original purpose are something special. The thing that makes it special can vary. Cigar boxes or liquor presentation cases have been mentioned. For many, these might evoke ideas of being a luxury item rarely possessed. Something perhaps that is exotic, or colorful, sturdy, protective, perhaps acquired as a special gift, a reward, or coming from a special occasion or holiday. Also like tobacco and alcohol, perhaps there is an “indulgent” factor perhaps bordering on a “sin” or perhaps even a “criminal” connection.

With that as a basic idea I was extrapolating what kind of a expensive, barely legal, indulgence, someone might receive which would first prompt them to save the container and then find it important enough to repurpose. I am sure there are many ideas others can put forth. For me, in keeping with the dystopian Blade Runner theme with the lost of most animal life, I might go with an insulated (now used as padding) presentation case which once held a vat-raised animal protein. The original contents could range from veal to Komodo dragon. Making the packaging artwork as “local” or “foreign” as desired. Again the addition of tax stamps and import stickers could add to the regulated nature of the meat. It would also not be out of place to include the “Best if Used By” or expiration date to anchor the prop to the story timeline.


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Well, you can explore 2 different thoughts:
1: The gun is made by a known manufacture that has the official contract to supply the Police Force + Blade Runners with their weapons (we've seen the Police gun and how different it is compared to the BR Group). So regular Pelican/industrial look.
2: Once you're a Rep Detect and work for the BR Group, you'll receive your weapon/badge from your Captain. It's now up to the detective to put it and store it in a box of his choice. Hence the many variations we've seen here ;)


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I love what Kramstaar, but I would hate to imitate it, but it is what gave me the idea to use a shoe box or some related reused box.
Feel free to take inspiration from any source mate, including mine. It wouldn't bother me in the least.

The problem I have with a pelican case is that they are not IMO in keeping with the retro-utilitarian look specifically designed for the movie. We all know them and are familiar with them but they are not special and are not design-wise part of the BR universe.

Best of luck

Timber Box Concept.jpg


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Just a thought I had regarding the whiskey box idea. We know Deckard is a Johnnie Walker guy. His usual black label wouldn't probably come in a very interesting box, but take for example this 150th Anniversary JW box as inspiration:


You could invent a backstory that when Deckard retired he treated himself to a nice JW that came in a presentation case. He's already finished the booze and has the box left over. Make up a name - Johnnie Walker Silver Unicorn Edition, or whatever. Get yourself a wooden box, invent a logo and stamp/burn it onto the box lid. Outfit the inside however you want. There's your Deckard blaster box!

Just an idea - do what you want ;)


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Count me in if anyone gets a good solution cuz my Deckard gun needs a display stand too.
Unfortunately since I'm in Canada Harbor Freight won't ship up here but I also like the idea of a Johnnie Walker box as an alternative.


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Count me in if anyone gets a good solution cuz my Deckard gun needs a display stand too.
Unfortunately since I'm in Canada Harbor Freight won't ship up here but I also like the idea of a Johnnie Walker box as an alternative.
Bass pro shops and cabelas also have a cheap pelican case knockoff that's pretty good, and they ship to Canada

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Some great, inventive ideas. Makes me want to put together a dragon-themed wood box just for the fun of it. Strong Japanese influenced whisky / animal protein branded presentation box customised with crushed velvet lining and assorted accessories.





If you find you want to go in the Pelican direction, there are often perfectly sized steel night vision government surplus cases from the early 80s on the bay for less than $40.


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