Idea for Captain America Shield


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Not sure if this is going in the right area, but I'm in the process of deciding on how to do my Captain America shield. I've referenced ideas from the amazing work done by irishamericanlad and Chris Fields. For the budget I'm on the steel saucer is ideal and if I had the money I would defiantly go for spun aluminum. Recently I've been watching the pepakura tutorials by Stealth and had an idea. I've already made some cardboard shields out of cardboard, rope, and duct tape. To do that I get something that looks like this (image from Seamster over at Instructables.)


I was thinking about using EpoxAmite 101 to harden it. Then using bondo to strengthen it. Then it would be just a matter of painting it and attaching straps? Any advice would be appreciated.
I think this is a great idea. I admire you innovation. As long as you keep using your intelligence and innovation, you will create a marvelous project.
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