Iconicprops aka kcr7pr – Horrible experience with this seller


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Do not buy from Iconicprops (aka: kcr7pr on the RPF)

I have never had a complaint before about a supplier but this guy is the worst. Not only did it take him 3 months to get me an item I was promised to have within 2 weeks of ordering, but I the customer had to continuously poke and remind him. I should not have to do that. He then promised me a $25 refund and some spare prop parts to make up for his screwing me over (because apparently he’s too good to let me know whats going on with a simple email). As you can read I had to nag and nag just to get $25 out of him (Really? $25, man?) And the spare parts he said he’d send me? Well its June 5th and I never saw them and I doubt I ever will. Save yourself an aneurism and don’t buy from this absolute walnut.


If you check the time stamps you'll see just how long all of this took. Customer shouldn't have to be playing the nagging mother just to get the seller to follow through on a promise. Yes, you're right kcr7pr, you're not Amazon or Walmart. Because Amazon or Walmart would send me my order on time or at least tell me why its taking so long or issue a proper refund when I ask for one.
This was the most ridiculous circuitous BS I've ever dealt with in a seller. Like I said, don't buy from him moron.








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Why do you guys do this? Just use Paypal and have them rip your money back from the seller and give them a bad review. Done.
You let this stuff drag on for far to long.