IB-94 Build Log (Field Marshal Mando Blaster Kit)


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This is just a quick little write up and a few photos of my most recent blaster build, Din Djarin’s IB-94. This is yet another amazing kit by Field Marshall if you haven’t checked out the blaster factory yet, definitely do so, easily the best blaster kits you will find.

Okay so reference photos on this blaster are a little sporadic from what I could find. The base bergman pistol has the safety facing one way, but it faces the other in some photos of the prop. The visual dictionary cover has some different weathering patterns that we don’t see anywhere else. So for me I wasn’t setting out to replicate any specific iteration of the prop, but to take the elements and combine them. By no means is mine the most “screen accurate” but in the style of Adam Savage I wanted to to have the right feel/experience.

While I wasn’t fussed with total accuracy, I did make some modifications to the kit. I feel like it adds a layer of dimension. I added checkered texture grip pattern to knob, hammer, and grip base. For this I used a checkering file. Full credit to CntAllBeWinners on this one never would have come up with that on my own, check out his amazing build of you haven’t. I also added a slot into the side knob (no idea what to call it), this was simply done with dremmel. I blued the side greeblie with alclad hot transparent blue. I just really like the blued accents on the DL44 so I wanted some here. The base color of the blaster is a duplicolor flat black primer, followed by a graphite rub, then a matte clear. There is some very light weathering with oil paints, and all brass parts were hit with brass black to give them that awesome patina. Last I also added some heat stain to the barrel, his was again alclad transparent blue and yellow.

Those are the highlights, let me know what you guys think! It’s about 95% finished, few little bits to add, then will put up more photos of final product!


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