I want to learn how to make a spiderman face shell


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Hi there, I'm new to the rpf and this is my first post. I'm interested in learning how to create a spiderman face shell. Just wondering if anyone can provide me with some direction or places to start. Thanks.
I went to wal-mart, they have one there. For 10 bucks. It fit my face and it has the right curves in the right places

you can probably find it if you google it

it's exactly like this

Can't go wrong for the price. you'll end up paying more to make it yourself.

If I were to ever dress as spiderman. I'd slap one of these underneath.
If you need to check online

HASBRO is the maker. You can find it online for sure.

It's called the Hasbro "SPIDER-MAN HERO MASK"

It's surprisingly very good quality and durable.
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