I used an Artificial Toe as a Anakin Skywalker Lightsaber Emitter

Discussion in 'Star Wars Costumes and Props' started by Country Paul, May 17, 2012.

  1. Country Paul

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    I'm new here (first post)

    I bought a Cheap empty/hollow MR Force FX Anakin Skywaler ROTS hilt from ebay (can't afford the "proper" MR Hilt) as the 3rd of my Graflex's.

    I didn't like the hollow look next to my other hilts so looked for what I had around the house that could be used as a blade plug/emmiter

    I ended up using an Amber Flex Artifical Toe Replacement that I'd got from work (Hospital Theatre) & some foam padding from a guitar stand to hold it in place, not 100% screen accurate I'm sure, but it made me happy & can easily be popped out & changed.

    Funny thing is a toe replacement is probably alot more expensive than a MR Hilt :lol (don't worry it's not a used one).

    so was wondering, has anyone here ever used anything weirder than a Artificial replacement Toe in a prop?
  2. sjorsjo91

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    Wow I use a lot of found and used stuff that lays around my house but this must be the most unusual thing EVER. It looks briljant but i bet you will get a whole lot of strange looking faces when you tell what your blade plug is made of XD.

    You could say that it was a weird accident when you tried to kick the saber XD

    Anyway it looks amazing and it looks better than my blade plug. Which is made from salvaged parts from a ventolin diskus, my breather device. I am kinda asmatic :p
  3. Clutch

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    Use the foot, Luke!
  4. Skyler101

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    Someone is limping cause you wanted a prop replica..

    NICE! :p :p :p

  5. WarPig

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    Guess you have the only digital lightsaber around! :lol
  6. lharles

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    Nice. :) {In the HIC I'm building now, at one point I had to block/dam the glue flow to certain areas of the glue pour. Wound up using paper towels & shredded paper. SO, our HIC now contains sensitive personal information & expired credit cards, among other things. :D }
  7. Luke0312

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    I'm just posting because I couldn't miss the chance to have my name associated with what I believe will go down as a major breaktrough in the annals of saber building.
  8. Jay1138

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    Very unusual, but from your picture it seems to have worked great -good job!
  9. Robiwon

    Robiwon Master Member Gone but not forgotten.

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  10. ed-209

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    TOE-tally COOL!!!
  11. Country Paul

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    Ha Ha, thanks for your comments, I wasn't sure if anyone would think this post was worthy of a reply, I've seen some of the amazing things that get built on here.

    If I was going to be specific it's the 3rd toe (middle one) I have all 5! I Would have rather used one of the smaller ones for the emitter but this fit the hole in the foam tube I used to plug the hilt & I did it in 2mins while the kettle was boiling,

    When I saw them at work I thought "that could be part of a lightsaber" they were going out of date (sterilised surgical implants have expiry dates) so were just being thrown away & I salvaged them,

    I've got an artificial hip joint somewhere which I'll have to find a use for now :lol

    I've also used the little metal cases from tea lights a few times but I guess that's not nearly as interesting.
  12. Interceptor6

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    This thread certainly got off on the right foot!
    I love obscure bits!!
  13. Eaglewood

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    Im kicking myself that I didnt think of that LOL
  14. ObiWanJason

    ObiWanJason New Member

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    Cool...and creepy all at the same time. Ya know, Anakins' saber DID fly through the air before landing on the ground, so who's to say... It Coulda happened !!!

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