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At first i was trying to make a cosplay for me, but when a receive the vest i bought and I checked it was an XS size instead of a Large one... I've changed my mind and I thought it would be a great idead to turn my mum into Thor in order to spend more time with her. This is the result.

IMG_9272 con rayos_3.jpg

This are the original ones (the cosplay was very limited, but this is my first one):

I 3d printed the Mjolnir but my mum is so strong she broke it :D LOL

Anyway I spent a perfect day with my parents. I'll probably do it again... Shehulk is coming.
I've just discovered this forum and I think is amazing. Nice job guys!


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Just be careful the enxt time she asks you to come over for dinner and you turn her down...she may get the hammer and come lookin' for ya! :p

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