I turn this chair into a Raptor Costume in time for Jurassic World


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I decided I'm going to sort of re-arrange this chair into a legendary Raptor costume in the next 30-some days for the Jurassic World release.


And so I cut into the chair. And cut. And cut. The carcass:


So long, reading chair. I'll burn a candle for you. As luck would have it, the chair was made of some pretty useful stuff! One giant 6" foam slab, a roll of wrapping foam, 6 bags of loose foam, quite a lot of scaley-looking leather, and even some strong metal supports that may come in handy. Initial supplies gathered:


I've researched just about every build thread and raptor costume on the net.. and I have a plan. Rough details:

Frame/Body - Metal strapping and furniture foam.

  • Metal strapping like this, with holes in it: [o o o o o]
  • ...Which allows me to make hinges for joints by adding a bolt like so: [o o o o[0]o o o o]
Skin - Painted leather

  • Will have to test a few different paints. I think I'm going to spray so that I can easily fade colors, and then finish with brush detail.
Head - Formed with multiple foam pieces, movable jaw (rod system), sculpted/clay details. Painted (wood?) eyes. Sculpty teeth.

  • Previously mentioned frame strapping system.. ( [o o o o o] ) should allow me to hinge the jaw plus mount the teeth directly to the frame.
Claws - If time allows, it would be awesome to carve claws, make a mold and then make painted casts for the 14 claws I would need. If not, foam it is.
Sound - Android to battery powered speaker. Will acquire all of the most glorious barks and growls from the movies.​

She will, of course, be designed in the style of Jurassic Park velociraptors rather than going for total realism. I want to make something very much like the cos in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s-Ac6xW0430 That means exposed legs, but anatomically correct dinosaur legs, aka Walking with Dinosaurs style. About to to plan the exact proportions. I'm thinking I don't want the suit to be too big. Have to be able to chase my prey!

Gotta go fast on this because it needs to be done, so expect updates. The clock starts... now.
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