I-robot ns4 custom head


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Hey everyone, i recently got a raw cast of an ns4 head from i-robot.
decided to do my own paint job with it :)

this is how it arrived


sprayed and primed it ready for my colours :)



sprayed it with a nice baby blue :)


ive decided to make it look like the paint strip in middle is wearing away cause its an old model, so taped up the edges


then covered up the rest of the head


sprayed a nice green on the front of the head, love the shine it has to it, cant wait to remove the tape and see how the rough edging turned out

Hey Im am glad to see someone else doing one of these.
I have been looking for another one . Do you have contact info on the maker?


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yeah i think they amazing things, i want more and have different colours
ive actually gone wrong on mine ¬_¬ got the right colours to the film, just done them wrong way round. should be a green head with a blue strip from the pics ive seen :(

na i dont sorry mate, i actually got this one on ebay,
yep, scumbag recaster with threads about him on here.

please don't support him guys.

on another note, there is no right or wrong colour scheme, i've done loads of colour variations

sorry to hear that mate, didnt know,
if i had i know i wouldnt have got it, i have a hatred for re-casters,
they screwed my friend over many times
he also have r2-d2 casts for sale
ah sweet, im goin for a old look like your red one, i actually planned to have chipped away parts like urs but forgot to put some tape down before i sprayed ¬_¬
yeah its simple, yet futuristic ya know, seems like it could be real
im pissed off that i gave money to that fake *******, wish i had of known who he was before i got it
if your not sure you can always ask here, if its cheap then it probably is a recast.

it just did occur to me at the time tbh, it was an auction and i was the only 1 bidding, ( he probs didnt lable it properly so people didnt see it )

its chipped on the bottom as well ¬_¬

i defo wont buy from him again though
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