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Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by The Hopkinator, Jul 11, 2006.

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    A while back I posted a picture of the Celtic Predator I was working on . I cant remember who it was but someone here said it looked like an Argonaut or something, so I stepped back, sure enough, it did. So I trashed the whole thing... File 13'd it. Gone. Started anew . Since then Ive been acquiring everything I need to make an accurate one, and here he is so far. What I need is this. I feel that the armor paint is pretty dead on. My friend Chuck who is making a Scar says its too dark. In AVP they looked, "dark". He thinks it needs to be more "shimmery". So now not only do I question his manhood for saying "shimmery", but I want to know if it looks too dark. Opinions please.
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    Away from the atmospheric lighting added in post production the real armour is more silver. So yes, yours looks too dark.


    Great looking armour though.
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    Well, the big question is: accurate in terms of what you see on screen or accurate in terms of the prop used?
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    Id prolly go with what you see on screen. I thought the AVP preds just looked darker, like the armor was iron. Gunsteel, maybe.
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    I would say the opposite, I would go with what is accurate to real life not the way they looked in the movie. Remember that in the movie we only saw them in dark areas or at night, so if you are in a badly lit place your armor will look almost black. Go with shiny silver.

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