I need tips for painting a project. Batman bust papercraft.


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I finished yesterday my batman bust papercraft, it turned out REALLY GOOD.

I'm not really good at painting, so I need some tips and ideas of how and what to paint it. Batman bust.

My first thought was to paint it all black, except the bat logo which it would be gold. Then I had another idea of painting it to look like marble, ( I guess all white and then a marble effect spray paint).

Some tips of how to paint will be very useful for me and it will help me make even better papercrafts. Thank you!

About the papercraft: I took a 3d model of a batman bust (Thanks to Sam T from MyMiniFactory for having the awesome 3d bust for free.), I reduced the polygons to 3,700 with MeshLab, then built it, and I sprayed expanding foam to make it sturdy, strong, and to give it some weight. Thankfully the expanding foam didn't expand past the paper and it didn't ruin anything.

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