i need some help - advice about this destiny armor


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Hey hello, I need some serious help here..
Okay maybe someone can help me even teach me how to sew cuz I'm starting with all this about cosplay (I'm a prop maker) and I want to make this really nice. (even I'm thinking about to buy the sew machine)
If any near to Dallas? I'll be pleased.

I want to make this "armor" but I need maybe some patterns, and Im worried about how to sew the neck area, also there's a 2 option for the graphics? Like I don't want to make a mess painting.

do you think it is a good idea modify some cloth? or start from scratch?
Maybe some start dummy guide about how to start in this world...


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if it was me i would start with a base red coat then look at adding the colour pannels/coller zips and fasteners. i imagine its to bespoke to find any thing close to it your definatly need a sewing machine or sweet talk someone into adding the extras your need. basic sewing is all i can do hope you get some more advice in that department


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yes i was thinking the same, if i cant find anyone i guess ill buy the sewing machine, of course ill make more cosplays in the future, is just i need some advice. but thanks

division 6

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Looks leather with the assorted colors as insert pieces.
You could go cheap with pleather (vinyl)

I'd look at patterns for "great coats".

Here's a slightly larger image.


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Also looks to have a very similar cut to Neo's trench. I work more with hard parts, but I would think if you could mod a pattern like that or great coat as D6 mentioned, then add a collar insert in foam or heavy card stock to support the shape around the neck. Worse-case, you could pull the .STL from the Destiny generator and work up a fabric pattern using pepakura. A lot of leg work I know, but it can be done. Good luck!