I need help constructing the best possible Predator costume


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Please, if you could help me with materials, tips on how to make a fully movable plasma caster, retractable wrist blades, and a working wrist panel, I would appreciate it. Please help a fellow Predator fan who wants to look kickass at the horror cons and Halloween parties! Thanks in advance.


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Read the section you posted this question in. You asked a question before you even looked for the answers. Get to reading bud. Its all here.


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Bovine13 is right. I looked for hours in attempts to find solutions to projects, ideas, or even how to make something. I'm currently trying to figure out how to make molds for bio's and masks. Sometimes it takes time to search. Also, plenty of members here are happy to help, but don't forget to look.

There's a great huntorial by VinManMac about making armor (templetes included.)

Here's the link:


Also, don't forget to be creative!

And welcome.
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