I need brush on black paint that will build up.

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    I need to apply black paint to some areas of the back side of clear urethane (Crystal Clear 202) castings, then spray Spaz Stix mirror chrome over the black.

    The problem is I've yet to find a black that can be coated over itself without dissolving all the way through and leaving thin spots the chrome will show through. The shape is too complex to tape and cut for either the chrome or black. I tried casting silicone into it then cutting a mask from it but there's too many little pieces that the spray can would blow away. Brush on masking also failed, despite applying three coats it still had holes or spots thin enough for paint to get through, and when I peeled it off it took part of the paint off along the edges.

    Tried a black paint pen, same problem. All around the edges of the tip on a second coat it dissolves through to the plastic.

    On some other, simpler, items made of the same resin I have only a couple of flat spots to mask and they can be done with tape but must be cut and painted quickly because despite cleaning with various solvents the stickiest tapes I've tried will soon fall off despite being burnished down.

    Can't apply paint to the mold then cast the resin. Same reasons of masking and even if the chrome would stay put on the silicone it wouldn't make a mirror finish on the casting.

    So it has to be black paint that can be brushed on and either make a single opaque and solid coat or that can be coated over itself without dissolving itself. When held up to a bright light, the black must block it all, not one tiny speck coming through or the chrome will show.

    Is there another clear resin that's UV stable, non-yellowing, as strong as CC202 but not so @#%@%% difficult to paint?

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