I need a good vacuum for a vacuum forming table.


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I tried making a small vacuum forming table the other day and it turned out really well, just my vacuum sucks, or rather it doesn't suck. I need something with a stronger suction (insert joke here)......
Any good ideas, it can't be too pricey as it is just going to be used rarely..


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Not sure what you consider to be too pricy, but I've been buying wood veneer vacuum parts from this guy for years. He's got a refurb vacuum pump for $104.

Alternatively, if you have an air compressor, you can use a Venturi pump. You can find instructions on how to build one here (it's by the same guy who runs the above site, but this link is more of a DIY route).


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I use a 5 HP Shop-Vac on my table and it works just fine. They are pretty affordable and you can buy an off-brand for even cheaper. Plus you always need a good shop-vac to clean up all the mess of costume making!

Before you buy a new piece of equipment, be sure to check your seals for leaks and make sure there are no gaps for air to escape. That will hurt suction more than anything!

Judge Spartan

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Yeah, I use a 6 hp shopvac and it works great, the only time I have issues is when I don't get the frame all the way down and lose suction that's why I always have an extra set of hands when I vac form.
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