I made a 100% accurate Studio Scale model


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Very cool, Jason, and well earned! It's really exciting when true devotion to a craft is recognized like this. Good on ya!


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Congratulations Jason on getting your dream assignment. What a gig. It looks absolutely beautiful.

I am constantly amazed by your ability to crank these out so quickly, and to the high level of detail achieved.

A credit to your skills. Well done!

Studio Kitbash

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Man, that is beautiful and amazing and fun -- I'm watching the video clip of your build frame-by-frame, pausing every few frames on the Easter egg hunt of IDing pieces I recognize -- LOVE the "historicity" of it all around, and such an impressive design, execution, and lighting job. Sweet stuff!


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Hah! Now I can say my work is in an official Art of Star Wars book! Crazy!

The Art of the High Republic :)

Thrilling action shot where I am showing my wife I dun good.


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