I just died a little inside....LOL

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by StarKill3r, Nov 8, 2011.

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  2. StarKill3r

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  3. Wes R

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    Man I'd have put in a halon and every other first suppression system known to man into that place with all the stuff he has. Well if it's the main house and nothing is nearby it probably won't hurt much but better safe than sorry and he has his own fire fighters?
  4. Kerr Avon

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    Maybe if we're lucky all the studio scale models for all the prequel stuff was destroyed so we never have to see it again.

    Oh. Wait.
  5. Michael Bergeron

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  6. TylerHam

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    Well, there IS a full fire department ON the property -

    I hear it was just a chimney fire -
  7. StarKill3r

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    Yes there is a fire department on the property... here is one of the brave guys pictured here.

  8. Maelstrom

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  9. blip

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    Raymond Formanek UPDATE: the much maligned Jar Jar Binks was seen running from the scene carrying a gas can.

  10. Leigh

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  11. christrom

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    Chimney fire? WTF? What the hell else does a chimney do?
  12. Larry Young

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    It vents smoke to the outside. Unfortunately, if you don't have your chimney chim-chim-cheroo'd often, tar and soot and various other goop accretes into creosote, which is highly flammable and will combust and cause some serious trouble if not immediately dealt with. If you don't clean this out:


    ...you get this:


    ...or worse.
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  13. Wolfie

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    I still think it was an ewok nest. (or Skaught, cause he was the last one there..)
  14. Rebelscum

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    Couldn't be. All the Ewoks were drowned in Lake Ewok on the property long ago.
  15. Contec

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    Reports says that it was only Lucas burning a new batch of Holiday special tapes
  16. Beechy McFly

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    Uncle Owen!! Aunt Beru!! Uncle Owen!!
  17. Darth Mawr

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    I used to make my living in the fireplace business. Chimney fires can reach 3000 degrees Fahrenheit and if you think that's hot, keep in mind that your vitrified clay flue liners are fired to near the melting point at around 2200 degrees when made. Chimney fires often lead to cracked flue liners that if not repaired/replaced will lead to a house fire at some point. I'm glad no one was hurt (even Jar Jar). :behave
  18. TheDoctor

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    That's all KINDS of dirty....
  19. Larry Young

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    I guess that's why you can't write Dick van **** on the board.
  20. Mola Rob

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    Lucas couldn't afford to have the chimney cleaned?
  21. darthgordon

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    Here's what the fire department looks like...


    The trucks, hoses, water and firemen are all CGI. Unfortunately, animating them over to the fire took too long to get the fire out. But according to the folks at Lucasfilm, in the Special Edition of the fire, George will add the firemen, because that's how he always envisioned it.
  22. Ozymandius

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    Kudos to Gordon for the spot on joke.
  23. Skaught

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    Just covering my tracks. ;)

    I was just there on Friday and saw the fireplace in the dining room. Strange! The props and costumes are very far away from the house, so no worries there.

  24. Lear60man

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    Ive had a fire every night for the last week. Maybe I should do little inspectin' in the morning.....after my toasty fire tonight!
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  25. darth_myeek

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    Darth Gordon you are my sarcastic rock star.


    Don't worry, they'll fix it in post.
  26. WarPig

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    How many of us have arteries that look like that? (puts down cheezburger)

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