I Just Bought Berserker -- Question On Packaging...


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I bought a Berserker from a comic book / specialty toy store. The box is black with an image of Berzerker's head in front, and the front panel opens to reveal Berzerker inside.

I also noticed the red box packaging on Ebay.

Is that just newer or older packaging, and if so, are the figures still the same?
If you don't know the brand, it's Hot Toys. Pretty frikin lucky to find one in a casual toy store. By the way what was the price?

Yep -- Hot Toys... $220, which I thought was pretty good based on what I've followed them selling for on Ebay. The store is a speacialty toy store (comics & toys)...

It was really tough choosing between Berserker and Falconer, seeing them for the first time in "real life". Absolutely stunning detail!

Falconer is mega-sleek, but will have to wait a few months.

But they may have Shadow by then so I'll no doubt have another excruciating (but fun) choice to make, lol!.
This stuff is sooooooooo addicting!
Yeah... I see them online from $204 to $499 and that's why I wondered if there are special editions or any other reason why there is such a large variation in pricing. Ebay auction bidding usually goes $180 to $220 (again, I say "usually").

So may times on Ebay's descriptions, I see the height as 12", then others say 14" -- so that also had me wondering if there are perhaps another release of Berserkers out there.
Yeah its more like 180$ + shipping if you wait on ebay and keep checking.Plus with out the sleeve i think it may be opened, i would buy brand new on ebay.300$ is way to much.
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