I jumped at the MR Buy-2-ForceFx-get-one-free deal


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So here's the deal: I ordered one Luke ROTJ FX, one Anakin ROTS FX and one Mace Windu ROTS FX, the order confirmation e-mail from MR confirms this. My Account status on MR's website also confirms this. After 6 days of waiting, I got a visit from the Fedex guy with my package. I was excited. The invoice confirms one Luke ROTJ FX, one Anakin ROTS FX and one Mace Windu ROTS FX. Then why is it when I unpacked the box I find one Anakin FX and TWO Luke ROTJ FX... :angry Where's my Mace Windu FX, MR?? :cry


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I ordered a Mace, Anakin and Vader ESB, but the ESB doesn´t work properly...will try again with a set of new, fresh batteries. Haven´t checked the Anakin yet.

Overall I´m pretty satisfied with the deal itself :)



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I ordered the saber with the mini twice using last years coupon and this years. All arrived yesterday and my son Michael is quite happy with the sabers. Ready to take on dad with the new sabers. Working on the grip moves with him now, he's getting pretty good and fast with the moves.

All in all I have to say that was one heck of a super deal from MR with the FX sale.

I had placed an order for a couple mini cases along with some other items and MR spilt the order. But they gave me the mini lukes esb's sabers instead, someone there screwed up when they split the order up. I placed another order for the cases from Phantom and will hold on to the mistaken esb mini order. That will make Mike's mini collection run up to four cases which he has laid out on display in his room.

And yes, with me thats make 5 out of the last 6 orders now with MR they have screwed up either with the order itself or the product being defective. You could argue that the split was part of one of the past four orders making still 4 out of 5 screw ups, but then it's just one heck of a large screw up.