I have one month to decide on & make my cosplay for Wizard World. Help? Pics included

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    I want to start by apologizing because I don't quite understand much of this site since I haven't really used it.

    I have one month to make costumes for Wizard World. I can do it, but I need help deciding what to make.

    These are things I've already done or started just to get an idea what I look like or whatever lol (not everything is included. I just pulled some random stuff off facebook):

    I'm for sure doing these:
    - Bombshell Harley Quinn
    - Spiderverse Spider Gwen

    These are my maybes:
    - Queen Elsa/Sailor Moon crossover (plus side would be that I'm 1/3rd done and I have the wig already)
    - Daenerys season 5 (only cons of this are that I would be starting from scratch and I've already done Dany. Pro would be that I already have the wig and it's a fairly simple costume)
    - Dark Phoenix (cons would be that I have to get a new wig and I would have to start from scratch, but the costume isn't too difficult) http://img09.deviantart.net/6e28/i/2012/291/8/f/dark_phoenix_by_mikerenzine-d5i85ua.jpg
    - Liv Moore iZombie (con would be that I would have to get a wig, pro is that she and I have basically identical wardrobes)
    - Mara Jade (con would be that I have to start from scratch, pro is that it's rather easy, another con is that I don't have a saber)
    - Batgirl (pro is that I've already finished the pattern, con is that I don't have the fabric yet and I would have to order a cowl)

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