I have a dream.... of a Pip-Boy 3000

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by DarthLakey, Feb 22, 2012.

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    Anyone who liked Fallout 3 has always wanted a genuine RobCo PB3K... But until now, only a few have developed apps for it. Members such as Skruffy and Forgeprops have all but perfected (aesthetically) the exterior, but the interior has never really been fully completed. It is my wish to build a team of coders or even just fallout enthusiasts (anyone really) to make this dream a reality. Eventually this may become available for download on Cydia/Appstore (if approved) but until that day is nigh, I will need all the help I can get. Here are my basic ideas, storyboards will be posted when I have finished them:
    -will be available for use with touch or arduino/bluetooth keyboard use
    -Will be entirely available in all colours
    -When app is booted, it will display a logging on screen similar to the one on a fallout 3 terminal. Then, there will be a list style menu (again similar to the ones on terminals) with the following options:
    -geiger counter
    will be a basic internet explorer that cannot display images or html, and all text will be written in fallout style
    a fake (accelerometer based) or real (camera based) geiger counter any rads obtained will be stored in stats, like on the real pip-boy
    same as in-game, and a consumable is added to the inventory (and then used IRL, and then clicked use) the item will dishappear and effects will be displayed in stats)
    changes between colours, which radio stations to display (real, F3 or FNV) which map to display in the data tab (google maps, F3 or FNV)
    INFO: info about the character, lvl, name, hp, items etc.
    Communications: has a text messaging program (called messages) and "radio" which allows cell phone calls over wifi or 3g and access to a News broadcast that will be updated periodically
    a simple fallout style text editor. documents may be saved in a list style menu, or uploaded to a server of some sort.

    Anyway, anyone who has any ideas or can help with coding (or who just wants to make a comment or share resource files) is welcome to. Any and all discussion is appreciated, as long as it is appropriate, non inflammatory and moderately relevant


    your fellow wastelander,

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    I for one thing this is a pretty cool idea! Were you planning on making this an Android/iOS app? I don't know the first thing about coding, but I am sure some of us could help you, and there are a ton of resources out on the web. Also, welcome to the RPF! I certainly hope you can get the ball rolling on this idea!

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    I was thinking of making the code in Lua, as Corona SDK uses it; and Corona can export natively to iOS and Android (as well as the kindle fire). My coding skills aren't great, but from what I've seen on here already, I'm sure there are many people with the required knowledge. This would be the next level in PB3K props, and I'm sure it would compliment Skruffy's work nicely (If Skruffy would care to comment, that would be great - love your work).
    Ant and All comments/suggestions/help is appreciated...

    better explanation of the Pip-Boy IRL function...
    If you have say, a bottle of beer on your person, you could add it to your inventory. Then if you drank it, it would disappear from your inventory (and its effects would be displayed under stats). You could also 'drop' it when/if you gave it to someone else.
    This idea could have many applications/uses, even some useful ones. But its mainly to keep it more SA (in a way) and also for fun/S&G's.
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    Do you have any experience in coding?
  5. DarthLakey

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    I used to be relatively good with VB, but I just started trying to learn .lua a few days ago. So no, not really. So if I was to do this project by myself then I would have to learn all the code first. I know there's a lot of Fallout fans on this site, that's why I came here (this place is awesome) and I figured that many would wish to contribute and that some of them would know code. If someone knows code and would prefer not to use .lua, that's fine. Apparently .lua is very similar to actionscript/flash, so if that helps....
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    Bump to first page...
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    how is this coming along?
  8. Uridium

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    I have absolutely no coding skills, but if there is anything I can do to help with this project, please let me know.
    I would love to see an iOS app that would run on my iPod Touch, which i could stick into a PipBoy!

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