I have a couple question about drilling and cutting an MGC Mauser for a Greedo Killer build.


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I just got a MGC Mauser for my Greedo Killer build. I can't find any mention of where exactly to drill the holes on the gun for the scope mount as well as how much of the front of the barrel to remove. I've heard 1 inch on the barrel but wanted to reach out before I started cutting and drilling.
I'll try to help a little bit but I hope that more experienced people can maybe help you more.

concerning the barrel. I personally cut just after the front sight. You'll definitelly have a bit of barrel visible inside the flash hider but it doesn't bother me that much. The thing to know is that there is normally a solid piece of metal inside the barrel that is just a bit after the sight too, so cutting 1 inch will cut though that solid piece of metal and your barrel will be completely filled at the end. It's of course possible to redrill that or maybe try to remove the solild piece of metal, but I didn't try that.

here is a photo of my cut barrel and an aluminium tube that I'm using as a spacer for the flash hider; the flash hider will come as far as the tube, so everything in front of that will be visible inside the flash hider.

now, for the hole for the scope mount. the best I can tell you is to place on the gun the mail rectangle of the mount, and compare with reference photos. I attached my front grill first as the rectangle will sit against it and then compared with the photos with the help of the parts of the mauser that are clearly visible.
here are my holes, not really to use as an example, it's better than you use your own scope mount rectangle to position your holes.

Now, real advices that I can give you are that the mauser has to be disassembled to do the holes to avoid going through the mecanisms and, the back screw will get in the way of the hammer mecanism if it's not flush inside. You need to ground it in case it's too long.
Make sure to do your holes and threads really at 90degrees and triple check the space between the holes as you cannot start over once the holes are done.

here are the two Greedo killer I finished lately;

good luck. :) it's a very fun build to do.
Thanks eethan! I’ve been looking forward to doing this build for a long time. Wanted a companion to my hero blaster. I’m on the lookout for a genuine compac scope but I bought one of the nice replicas in the interim. Still looking for the correct flash hider. I’m also still trying to determine the finish to go for. I know the consensus is painted black but the pictures I’ve seen of Greedo killer really seem to show a disparity between the black scope and the shade of the gun. My MGC is one of the gold plated ones. I used aluminum black on my hero with success but not sure how it will turn out with the MGC and getting the plating layers completely stripped. Was thinking about using gun blue GunKote (a really amazing product by the way). Any thoughts?
I think the Hero lower body was painted but the Greedo Killer is a regular MGC with its original finish I think. I never saw a painted replica either. Don't know where you found that painted consensus, but you better double check. ;)

One of my MGC's finish was a bit worn off in some places, I personally tried Perma blue, but it did nothing. I have to admit that I used a bit of flat black on those areas that I then polished slightly with a paper towel. The finish was very subtle and since it's just in some spot, it's not really visible.

Good luck finding the compac scope, very hard piece to find! the flash hider is a bit easier. Of course finding the correct LFC brand is a bit harder than any brand of those flash hider.

cheers and show us progress when you have some :)
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