I crated and shipped a Han Solo in Carbonite


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Sad to see him go, but it was a build I did for another member here. Building a crate is a lot of work too! Han has been living at my hackerspace, the Baltimore Node for quite some time now.

IMG_20150214_153647112.jpg IMG_20150423_133806323.jpg IMG_20150423_133751263.jpg IMG_20150408_214429472.jpg IMG_20150408_214228735.jpg IMG_20150403_115249944.jpg IMG_20150402_104418607.jpg IMG_20150401_213137758.jpg IMG_20150401_200414111.jpg IMG_20150423_141556304.jpg IMG_20150422_150416759.jpg

The good news is, now I get to start on a build of my own.

more pics: https://plus.google.com/photos/101160511147073331023/albums/6143925749272823281
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