I come with tidings of Chainsaw...


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So. Been awhile since I've posted, but for good reason. I return now with a tiding of a running Evil Dead chainsaw! This baby is arm-mounted and can be revved up one-handed with the simple attachment of a chord to the shotgun harnass. It's not FINISHED yet, but all I have to do is paint it. I've decided to leave the top handle as-is, its just sturdier that way, but if you guys have suggestions for paint-jobs, or modifications, please give them here!



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Looks awesome man! I would suggest a wooden dowel as the pull chord piece, and maybe a vent piece as well, but I am just a projectionist and this is solely my personal opinion, but it really looks great man good job!.



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No you are right, and I do intend to replace the handle with a wooden one, just haven't gotten around to it yet.

As for the vent piece... I'd LOVE to add one, but I cannot locate a piece that is fitting, that's been an issue for my static chainsaw prop as well:

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So if anyone has info on such a piece, I'd LOVE to complete the look of my saw with it!


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An update, I've padded, the inside of the wrist cuff to make the saw easier to wear. I also have prepared the wooden handle for the ripchord, just gotta attach it. Still looking for a muffler for the engine though, so if anyone knows where to snag one, lemme know!


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FURTHER updates, I've now successfully tested the saw out, and have made it fully operational for one-handed use! I have a video and will be posting it later tonight for you all to view and enjoy.
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