I Am Mother (Post-release)

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This looks like it could be very compelling... but I do hate this trend of trailers with over-the-top, bombastic shock-gongs, fast-cuts and 1-second flashes of scenes...its very overused these days and really quite annoying. I would like to see this though. It looks like good sci-fi.


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Watched it today. Smart sci-fi, but mildly predictable. It was a well made flick though. I enjoyed it. I remember seeing the suit on Tested a while back too.


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Once there was hard scifi.
Before the dark times.
Before Marvel.....

Psab keel

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It looks like it might be kind of predictable but it certainly looks entertaining and I'm getting a real Ex Machina vibe from it which is a very very good thing. I loved Ex Machina!


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i did enjoy this. well worth a watch, its true its quite predictable but it is pretty good,
i wont spoil it, and im not sure if it would ever happen, but it definitely needs a sequel,
for me its like portal meets oblivion


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I saw the movie and I really liked it; it was solid sci-fi, as I anticipated, with an interesting premise and excellent acting, especially by Hilary Swank. I like movies that leave you wondering a bit. It makes for great conversation and speculation. I'd rate it an 8.0.

kristen jones

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I thought it was exceptional.

One of the aespects of Mother that i liked compared to other depictions of AI is that her goal wasn't to eliminate humanity, it was to save it. True, a machine's concept of how to "fix" humanity may not line up with what we think is right, but that's sort of the point; Mother looks at the Big Picture, and she raises Daughter to do the same. Her entire intended purpose was to raise Daughter to instinctively choose to protect her brother at the expense of everyone else--including Mother. The fact that Daughter ultimately chose this satisfies Mother, as she has finally succeeded in raising a version of Daughter who has Mother's own philosophy embedded within her.

On some level, that is what ALL mothers do.


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Dumbest ending to a movie I’ve seen in a while and it seems to be a Netflix trend like that of How It Ends with Forest Whitaker.