I AM BACK!...And I need your help...building a MUSIC BOX

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by zeeky5678, Jan 23, 2012.

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    Hey guys! It's zeeky5678, known previously for my Proclamation replicas, and also my "Undesirable No. 1" Posters from the Harry Potter series! I've been gone for awhile, and come back only to discover we've been taken over by freaking Russian Hackers! :C Luckily, we're awesome and can't be stopped. And that's why im here...I have a mission, A Project and i'd like you guys awesome expertise and talents to assist me. C:

    So here's the project, for my Senior Year, my high school is doing a production for One Act Play called "Cinderella's Waltz" and in the play, at one point a "Village Idiot" brings out one of his music boxes that he makes to try and help the Cinderella character to dance, the song the music box plays is the Main Theme of the play that i am also composing, but anyways, since the music box is so important I wanted to actually give it character and detail and also to help accent who the Village Idiot was as his character, to show more of his character. So I ended up doing this sketch, Concept Art, if you will , of this mechanism, I gave it a very cobbled together from parts of very old, antique stuff look, something I would expect a Village Idiot to put together:


    So i'm trying to bring this sketch to life as much as I can! And i hope you guys can help me with that. The basic functionality I imagined working like this:
    1.) Wind the Key
    2.) Once wound, the light bulb comes on and..
    3.) The music begins
    4.) When certain notes are triggered, those "mallets" will hit one of the three bells.

    Now, since it's a stage prop none of the heavy technical stuff has to happen, BUT I would at least like it to wind up and the key to rotate because that WILL be noticable, i'd say i'd want the light to come on as well, BUT i don't know the rules regarding lights, and i don't want to risk disqualification.

    But, in regards to the stage functionality, I HAVE already made some very rather awesome progress gathering parts at least. I got some awesome lots of gears:


    In one of the lots of gears and junk, I happened to get this awesome key:


    And the best part is that i got this really unique and old timey wind up motor!:


    Now, first order of business is getting the key to fit onto the knob, cause if you'll notice the hole in the key is like twice as big:


    Also, found parts (but not yet arrived) include, The Light Bulb and An Old Music Box

    Any feedback would be MUCH appriciated, i'll also be detailing putting it together, taking lots of pictures, etc. I'm excited because this is my first LEGIT prop build, plus it's completely my idea ^.^

    The only things I think i may need advice on are:
    1.) Ways of bonding the metal to metal (For example the Key to the Motor)
    2.) Also cutting off about half of the knob the key is going on because it doesn't go on all the way.
    3.) Attaching everything to the wooden platform
    4.) THE BLASTED Record player Horn.
    This thing is supposed to fit in your hand easily so, im estimating the wooden base eveything is secured to be about 4 by 4 inches. If you guys have anymore questions don't hesitate to ask! And I hope you guys can help!


    P.S. I hope this is the right spot. Because it's not a movie prop replica, but i knew someone here would be able to help. It technically IS a prop so...yeah
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    You could buy square tubing in different sizes that will breach the gap between the knob and the key
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    I can't even begin to say how cool of a build I think this is, nor how much I wish I
    had the technical/engineering ka-know how to put something like this together!
    --But on that, I got nuttin' except a love for little music boxes!

    Just had one minor thought to express in regards to your "regards to the stage functionality"
    and "Main Theme of the play that i am also composing".

    If your design concept doesn't come together as planned/expected/hoped.....there
    is a company, Kikkerland, that sells a little make your own music box kit. It uses
    a little crank like a jack-in-the-box rather than a key, but you can pretty easily
    "punch out" a custom tune on the little paper strips that come with it.

    Might be components you could use, either with your original concept, or if re-designing
    should be come necessary. And per the stage character who would be utilizing the prop,
    using a turning crank might more ground him in the activity than just winding up
    a music box........

    ........Will be anxiously watching your progress. Good luck with the project!

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    or you could hide a small but powerful speaker and a mp3 player inside it...Just wire a button that the actor can press and the tune is played.
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    Thanks for the feedback guys! Got some more parts in this week, and i'll try and get some pics up tomorrow so i can show you guys what we're working with! Im still waiting on the lightbulbs but other than that, it looks like all the parts I've ordered are in. Good call on the tubing by the way! I'll look into that!

    And Thanks very much! I find this to be an awesome build as well. Im looking forward to getting everything together, We also ended up near the end of the play today in rehearsals and it appears there is a bit in which, there's a chase and during the chase the music box is dropped, so the whole thing is going to have to be quite secured together. So I can't wait to build this! :D It's gonna be a great project, I think right now the biggest challenge is going to be the small service bells, and the blasted phonograph horn. If my sizing weren't so odd it'd be much easier but yeah. And i'll also try and draw up some additional sketches incorporating the new parts i have recieved, and there sizing. :D See ya'll tomorrow!


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