I ain't afraid of no ghosts.... sometimes.


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After many years of not doing much for Halloween, aside from a cheap pirate or Groucho Marx, I decided this year I would make a costume I've always wanted; Ghostbuster.

I still have a lot of work to do on it to make it more accurate. Elbow pads need some trimming down and painting, goggles need to be replaced, key fobs remade... but everything worked well enough for tonight.

-Fox Flight Suit
-Shoulder and custom name patches; Kathy Pillsbury
-Pistol belt, dyed RIT pearl gray
-Chemical protection gloves
-Defender volleyball knee pads, medium, dyed RIT pearl gray
-Belt Gizmo, made by Hotshot
-Matty PKE Meter
-Matty Ghost Trap
-PKE Holster, made from a tape measure holder, trimmed and leather dyed.
-Key fobs made from leather 'bracelet' craft kit, leather dyed.
-Boots; already owned, tactical/swat boots.
-Shirt; decided to go with the most appropriate one I had available:

Here's some quick crappy pics taken at work.



Definitely a lot of fun to wear, but I think I may need a proton pack next time around. :lol
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Switched to different hosted images... I may have messed up linkage or stopped them from being visible by making my album private. I'll have to mess with it some more in the future. Let me know if they still don't show up. :thumbsup

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