Hydra Lapel Pin Captain America Movie


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A good friend of mine is doing a Red Skull costume for the premier of the new Captain America movie and had me sculpt up this little guy. Its Sculpty and I plan on coasting it in Nickle Silver for his costume. The piece I did below is just painted silver.

Here is a cap from the trailer.

Here is the sculpt before sanding and priming

And here is my piece compared to the screencap. (this one is only painted)
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Re: Hydra Pin Captain America Movie

Looks great but the bottom tentacles need to droop more, they seem to sag and hang further down.


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Great work buddy. I was thinking of making this in metal. Would you mind if I used the screen capture picture from the trailer that you posted as a reference for my sculpt?

edit: nevermind i took my own screencap
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