Hybrid Halo Project - First Build (WIP)

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    Hi RPF Comunity!
    My name is Arcadur (the name is from my old MMORPG-Time ;) )
    I'm from Germany and this is my first thread on the RPF. I hope you excuse my average language skills (Germans :behave)

    I followed so much different builds over months and was very impressed how much work you put in your work and how much skill you all have.
    As a result I wanted to do my own project!
    I decided to do something else then just a rebuilt of a Mark V Armor.
    It's going to be a Hybrid Armor between VI,Reach and Kirrou.
    As I sad this is going to be my first build ever so I appreciate every constructive review or critism.

    Reference Links/Pictures:
    Scaling Help from 405th

    Files also from 405th
    The 405th Pep Pack 1.7

    Some pictures for the Scale


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