Hybrid Elder bio tricked out and on the mask


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Just wanted to post up how this (my Hybrid Elder bio) turned out and looks when on the mask all finished with lasers and back lighting.


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Ei luj

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Excellent :eek:

I like the texture and design; are those electroluminescent blue wires in there?

they look great




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Thanks all! Yes Julie, that is EL wire in there... Pretty cool stuff... Thanks to George (PTGreek) for turning me on to that the other night. Loved the way he had the stunt bio backlit in the damage area. I'd probably be a little more subtle next time, but I had never worked with it before and didn't know just how much it would jump out.


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My jaw dropped when I saw it scott. Its very impressive and one of a kind. The blue wire really makes it stand out and I just cant stop looking at it.