Hurricane/Rainy Day Movie List


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So, assuming the power doesn't go out this weekend, it's looking like a good weekend to batten down the hatches, fire up the media player (DVD/Netflix/whatever) and watch some movies and/or TV. But what to watch? Hence, this list.

Feel free to post what you think are good "rainy day" movies. I'll start things off with two:

- Goonies

- the MST3K version of Teenage Caveman (itself a "rainy day" episode)
Blade Runner because it is raining in the movie the whole time.

Always a good time to pull out an old favorite like Time Bandits.

The ultimate rainy day movies though have to be marathons like watching all the Star Wars or Lord of the Rings. Maybe find a good TV series on Netflix like Arrested Development or Battlestar Galactica.
Back to the future trilogy
most any 50s scifi movie (even better if you get them in those dvd collections)
The big sleep (most any noire film)
I'd probably go with the ones I remember watching on tv as a kid on rainy sunday afternoons after wrestling and wild kingdom went off. I remember those days being POTA movies, Logan's Run, Westworld, and stuff like that.
Movies?! You've got it all wrong, fellas. Nah...I'm going to use the portable generator so the kiddies can watch their shows or play video games why I make sweet hurricane love to my little lady for as long as the storm last:love
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